We had to buy some flour this week so it cut alot out of our budget!
Wednesday: Spanish rice and chicken, tortilla chips, salsa, salad
Thursday: Borcht, bread
Friday:  Taco salad
Saturday: Spaghetti, meatballs and salad
Sunday:  Crock pot Taco soup
Monday: Tator Tot casserole, green beans
Tuesday:  Enchiladas, spanish rice and salad
Some books i read this week:
Pick a New Dream by Lenora Weber
Tarry Awhile by Lenora Weber 247 pages (It was like seeing old friends to read these books! They are some of the favorite books from my childhood that i can read over and over. Beany is so real and it is more real life stories, with all kinds of different issues because of lack of communication, irresponsibility,  or lack of money. They are fun and they are a great place to learn frugal meal planning!
One quote I  thought was a big difference to show how our times have changed was in Tarry Awhile. Beany is engaged to be married and it seems all around them people are rushing into getting married and she and her fiance are waiting until he has his degree.
"And there is another thing. i hear these married guys on campus, whose wives are working and footing the bills, and they live n fear and trembling of their getting pregnant. it kind of makes me sick. I mean, we want to have kids and well, it seems so wrong for what is called a blessed a event to be a tragedy." page 84 of Tarry Awhile
I also read Crimson Roses by G.L. Hill. 319 pages- I love her books too! They make me want to go re-vamp my wardrobe in cute little dresses that are neat and look nice! 
Dogwood by Chris Fabry it was like 300 something pages. – It was a very different book, I did not expect the ending at all! Talk about a weird twist!!
The Sovereign’s Daughter by Susan Warren and Susan Downs – 286 pages- It was a "what if" story of if The Last Czar had smuggled one of his daughter’s out and a servant took her place and died in her place. It was very interesting, but highly unlikely.
Wiser than Serpents – Susan Warren 347 pgs. – Another Susan Warren book with Russian characters.  i love the sprinkle of Russian words, but wonder if people enjoy it as much if they do not know what she was saying!

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Martha!
    I'm so glad you found me…and now I found you! I love gleaning fresh ideas from others with the same passion as mine…cheap and nutritious! I love farmer's markets! Much cheaper and the fruits and veggies have a much shorter journey and are therefore all the better/fresher!
    I'll be back often!
    $5 Dinner Mom

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