1 Peter 4:9 Use hospitality to one another without grudging.<p>
Hebrews 13:2 Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby  some have entertained angels unawares. <p>

I was thinking about this  some, it has been hard for me to have guests in the past  few years, but before that, it seemed like maybe because we lived in a community, we had people in our home all the time, to eat, drink  tea  or just visit.  I really miss that!  There were no big houses,  I remember one time when  there was 50 people in the cabin next door, it was 16×24 feet, 2 story, but we were all downstairs. The children lined the steps. There were alot of meals together, which were fun!  We would look at what we had and make a dinner  or lunch together.  I got some of my best friends  that we made over some interesting meals. I particularly remember some Reuben Sandwiches.  i had some corned beef,  someone else had some cheese we had to trim mold off of, and some rye bread someone gave us and I think someone else had some sauerkraut. I remember laughing over those sandwiches and having fun making them, even though they probably did not taste the best! <p> This has reminded me of how much I worry about having people over. I worry that I will not know what to say, my food will not be good, the children will not have anything to do, or something. <p> There is a family here at church that is an example to me. They have a small house, but often have huge groups of people over for celebrations, gatherings  and everyone has a great time! <p> I live in a mobile home, which people often mention is small, and I  have gotten scared as I have invited people over who  have had excuses, so I figure maybe they do not  want to come over. <p> I found this blog called The Reluctant Entertainer
She had some really good things to say! <p> I  am going to try to have more people over, to conquer my fear of rejection, fear of the house not being good enough. I have been wanting  to do a bunch of new things, most of them I cannot do yet because of lack of funds, but  I think this will be  the cheapest one to re-conquer!<p> I believe community is very important, especially community in the church.  When people  get hurt by others, it is often hard to re-open up and trust enough to open your home, but  in doing just even a short bible study on hospitality, I see how important it is. <p>  I get so lonely sometimes and when I wonder  if it is me that is why people do not invite me over, but maybe it is because I do not invite them over? <p> So, part of my organizing homeschooling will have to include this!

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  1. tnmomtomanyblessings

    I often have people here visiting,.,, eating,,,,talking….laughing. I used to be so concerned that my house had to be just perfect . This can be stressful for me and my children. Now I look at it as.. well if people come here and they see how perfect my house is they may feel intimadated to have me over at their house. Even if I am never invited that is not my point. The point is to just welcome people into our homes. If people really want to know who we are and how we live than we need to be ourselves… that means with our live in homes. May you be blessed abundantly!

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