My parents are remodeling their kitchen. We have lived in that house for almost 17 years now and the kitchen was not well built in the beginning. The cupboards were made with cedar fronts which was soft and dented easily, the insides were pressboards, so it wore down everytime the drawers were opened and eventually the nails did not hold in anymore and the fronts were falling off. We always had to wipe down the dishes as their was sawdust on them!

I put the flooring in 16 years ago, my mom was very pregnant with one of my sisters and so I did it! It was cheap linolium tiles, but since the house was not square it was alot of work! We went the first year without flooring and had painted pressboard floors.

All of this is hopefully at an end now as the entire kitchen is torn apart, not only the kitchen, but the hallway cupboards were taken out as well as all the drywall on the walls and the flooring in the bedroom (that used to be the living room).

We were all thinking about how we used to not have a dining room and the kitchen had the table in it! It was squished, but we had all these people living with us at one time and we would all sit around the table (17 of us).

The last couple days I was up there helping with cleaning and cooking mostly and keeping track of my 2.5 year old and my 2 year old nephew + my 4 year old also!

It was interesting to say the least! I was covered in dust from vacuuming as the dust was really fine from all the drywall taken down when I tried to empty the bagless vacuum, it went everywhere!

So, hopefully in the next couple weeks they will have the kitchen slowly being put together. Mom is trying to figure out decorating also. She would like a sort of cafe look with red and white. She was tlaking about putting white wainscoting on the bottom of the wall and a red color on the top, but they were having trouble finding a red they liked! Too many opinions, I guess!

So we are back home. T. went to the dentist for the first time today. He did really well for a 2 year old! They said his teeth looked great so I just need to keep them that way!

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