I have been  reading TEACH magazine now for awhile, but I have to say either this was one of the best issues I have ever gotten, or it just really spoke to me! <p> The theme was hospitality, which I really have been working on, very slowly!  From the new picture of Lorrie and her family inside the front cover to the  advertisement for  the TEACHer’s bookshoppe I really enjoyed it. Or, I should say felt more convicted as I went along! <p> The thing I think that touched me the most though was Lorrie’s tribute to her mother. I think when I lost my grandma, it really made me think about this and reading her tribute to her mom, made me think of my mom, my grandma and how blessed I am to have them. I don’t know what I would do without my mom! The other article that really spoke to me was "The Taxi Ride".  This young man did not have to take the time to do this for the woman, yet I realized that is what true hospitality is and making the difference in the life of another when you do not have to is the most important. <p> I enjoyed the practical tips on 7 steps to prepare children to be perfectly hospitable. Ouch!! I am not sure if perfect would describe the children which is one  reason I am terrified of it, but we are working on it! <p> The yummy soup recipes and bread from Marilyn Moll sounded so good! I love soup and since we eat alot of it, I guess that is good! I think I may try the roll recipe this week. There were some other recipes there for those of you who are not soup lovers! <p> The widow’s welcome  with the story on encouraging us  that it is not how clean your house is, but how welcoming you are and what a good listener you are that makes you hospitable. Bonita Lillie wrote this one and has a blog if you click on her name! <p> This is only part of this great issue…if you do not already subscribe to TEACH,
you really should!  There is some wonderful gifts for you if you  subscribe with a 2 year subscription from some wonderful companies! If I was not already a subscriber, i would be tempted!! If not, maybe just buy this issue. It was one to archive and take example from! <p>
Since I did not go to church today, I am taking some time for thought. How can I incorporate  this into my daily life? Can I read this and change my ways? It kind of goes along with some other questions I have been asking myself, like "What is important to you?"  " Are you happy with your life?". I realized I am happy with my life, but am working on the other! <p> So, my list is

  1. Invite someone over next month for something informal. No stressing!
  2. Relax while they are over- no running around cleaning things I forgot to clean
  3. Practice table manners every night with boys
  4. Unrelated- but I need to learn how to make some good whole wheat bread with the flour from my grinder. I have made some good rolls, but  not bread yet that had more than just 1 cup in it. I want to make some healthier bread and bread prices just went way up!
     Well, then I can serve bread to my guests, I guess!
  5. Keep building on the friendships I started last year! It is hard for me to remember that friendship takes work.
  6. Last, but not least, keep working on my encouragement projects this year. Encouragement is  a big part of friendship and being encouraging with words and deeds is going to be a  big part of this year.

So, I hope that this encouraged you all to go check out TEACH
You should read some of the other encouraging posts on it as well! <p>
Kelly, Maggie, Tracy, Holly and others!<p>

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  1. Lilyofthevalley4

    Thanks for sharing, Martha. Enjoyed it. 🙂

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