It has been really wild around here. I am trying to start a new schedule to settle things down, but still I feel like I am running on no sleep, and just going, going going! Tonight I made beef stew for dinner and a homemade bread in the bread machine. I have not made it forever! It was a good hearty meal for the end of a busy day.
Here is the recipe for those of you who are interested!

This is one I  will make that my family always really liked. It is really
basic, but tastes so good with homemade bread and is better the next day
then the first if you have any leftover.

Beef Stew

A large roast (It is good with lots of meat, but I usually didn't have lots,
and I made a huge pot with a little meat or a small pot with lots of meat,
use what you have,  about 2 lbs. should be a good amount for this recipe)
cubed into small chunks about 1″x1″

Roll meat in flour mixed with salt and pepper and brown in large pan in a
little oil.

When browned on all sides add  4 qt. water Turn down to low and
simmer  for  an hour or 2 depending on cut of meat until meat is tender.

Add  8 c. cubed potatoes, 4 c. diced carrots,  4 c. celery,  2 T salt, 4
beef bouillon cubes and  1 t.  browning sauce 

Cook until vegetables are
tender about 30 min.  Using  some flour mixed until smooth in water  thicken
stew ( I don't know exact measurements, I start with a little and if it
isn't thick enough thicken a little more) Taste and see if it needs more
salt or bouillon.

You can add other vegetables if you have them, but this is usually what I

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  1. boo4baby

    Sounds great on a cold night like we are having. I sure wish my dh liked stew!!! : )


  2. Martha

    That is too bad! My husband likes soup better than stew also!

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