I know, I know, I only have four, but for now I have my little brother visiting, so it is five. it goes something like this" You are hungry? Just wait a minute, i will get you something.  Stay inside!! Do not do that? Why are bringing the bunny inside? She is an outside bunny! You are hungry again? You just ate! You are filthy!! You have to take a bath. Are those the same clothes you were wearing a week ago? You only have washed them once the whole time I was gone??? How can this be, you are hungry again? " Compound  this with dizziness from getting up too fast and rushing outside into the heat, where I missed the fact that the boys were already past me and into the house……
<p> It is such a blessing though to have them all!  Poor H. got stung next to his eye and his whole face is all swollen on one side. i may have to take him to the doctor tomorrow if the swelling does not go down!
One more thing to do! Swimming lessons start tomorrow. It will make life busy, but the boys are so excited. This year all of them will be taking them.

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  1. cappuccinosmom

    Oh my, keeping up with 5 boys sounds a lot like trying to keep up with me 3. Right now it is just constant, never-ending.

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