This house is in probably the best neighborhood we have looked at so far. It is on a cul-de-sac and a very quiet area, near a park.
It has a two car garage and fenced yard. The last owners did tons of landscaping it looks like. There is a fake fish pool we would have to fill in.
The Kitchen was nice with a double oven. There was a small room off the kitchen which I think may have been a laundry room at one time. It was fairly small, but you could either use it as a huge pantry or  family closet type area. Perhaps even a bedroom with a very small bed.
The house was done in sort of a rustic decor with old barn wood, sheet metal and odd things like that! There was a bar in the basement, which was mostly finished with a large laundry area.
This greenhouse/sun-room comes out of the basement with a sliding glass door to the outside and goes up stone steps to the back yard where there is a fenced off raised garden area. It was really neat looking!
<p> I liked this house and it was for sure a possibility. It had a small wood burning stove which I liked as well, but was heated with a oil furnace which I did not like as well.  Also, there were only 2 bedrooms together which means one bedroom would be far from us, that was another drawback. Also, the rustic look was a little different! It had the cutest doggy door though, a  large deck on back too.

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  1. Sarah R:)

    I like this one! It has a lovely kitchen:) But two bedrooms does seem too small.

  2. RamblingRose

    It's hard to picture a house just from a few snapshots, but that looks like a kitchen you can be happy in, and I like the big windows and walkout for the sunroom. It is SO nice to have big windows when it's cold and gloomy.. every bit of sunshine helps! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I like the looks of the first house (with your boys in front) too.. that's a sweet looking house.

  3. pinklady

    that one sound's nice!!!
    i can see moriah in the window!!

  4. Anonymous

    Out of your choices I think I like this one best. If one of the two bedrooms is big you might be able to fit double bunkbeds and stick all kids in one room. Use the third as a toy room or even for clothes??? I have a finished basement with too small windows. Even though we have 5 bedrooms, two of them cannot be used and not sure when we'll have the money to redo windows.


  5. Anonymous

    the saying goes 'buy the worst house in the best neighborhood and get the most bang for your buck.' if this is the best neighborhood, then jump on it! you can always remodel over time! ๐Ÿ™‚

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