I was trying to think of the times that i have said  things that are just trite sayings, as  I read Stacy’s McDonald’s blog post on this. <p>  I really liked this post  by Stacy McDonald she posted, it is so practical! <p> I have to think of a sermon a couple of weeks back that the pastor shared about how sometimes words do not mean much, but actions are much better.  <p> This post talks about how saying "Get some more rest!" and other such words are just so empty!  If you can help out, please do! If you cannot go, then sometimes a card really can be an encouragement!<p> If you  can’t help, well, i guess keep commenting as at least then they really know you care,  but probably give a hug too!

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  1. pbrfans1

    I think a lot of times people don't know what to say…or try to put a positive or practical spin on things. I think we all tend to do that out of trying to keep things light or prevent an awkward silence.

  2. Martha

    Was that like your first comment on my blog? I don't mind the comments, but I was just thinking myself to try to think what I can actually do to make life easier for a person, the comments are good, but if that is all you do, you have to stop a moment and really think "What could I actually do that may relieve this person's burden?" One person yesterday who has gone through alot themselves said it to me, and said basically "I am glad it is you and not me!" Well, i could have said the same to him as they have lost a child, and I guess God decides what trial one person can handle, while we look at the other person's life and think we couldn't do it!
    Who knows, maybe you won't read this!

  3. pbrfans1

    I think I've commented before, but I'm not sure. Um..I totally understand comments like that not being helpful. And it definitely isn't nice to say you are glad it's someone else going through something hard instead of yourself…but I know with me when someone is going through something and I can't help I don't always know what to say…so I know I've probably said stupid comments that aren't helpful. I think those situations require grace on both sides. =) I guess I should probably try to comment on your blog more.

  4. Lilyofthevalley4

    Enjoyed reading Stacy's post. Thanks for sharing…. Sometimes knowing what the right thing to say or do for someone is hard.

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