I have been working on getting the house organized and ready for school. I got some charts for the walls. I have one with the plain alphabet on it, a border with the cursive alphabet, and charts for long and short vowels. I got the chalkboard hung up and I just need to get the shelves a bit more organized in my office. I am working on finding a couple of desks for the boys which I think I am going to line up against the wall in their bedroom facing the hallway. That way maybe we will have things a bit more organized to do school this year. I have their phonics books ordered and the majority of them are here. I have a few things coming though! I think it will be more exciting for them if they have them come in the mail. So, the 2 older boys will have desks and Lee will sit at the little table.

I have been so tired lately. I mean, just cannot sleep well. I think it mostly because of back pain, I cannot relax enough. I don't know if it my bed or because I am fighting off a cold. Anyhow, when I am tired, my brain does not function as well and then no blog writing!

I took some pictures of us at the fair looking at the animals, so maybe I will post those soon. We had alot of fun that day!

I ended up being too tired to get to chruch this morning, so rested and had a quiet morning. I cleaned the house some, vacuumed and am washing laundry. Some of the towels were damp I guess, and they are making the house smell bad. What do you do when that happens? It seems like even though I am pretty fast to get it washed that it ends up making the house smell sort of sour for the day at least. I do not like to use alot of fake air fresheners, but it frustrates me!

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  1. drewsfamilytx

    I hope you get some peaceful rest tonight, Martha! I know it makes everything difficult when I’m tired…which seems to be often of late.

    As far as damp towels, that’s usually when I just wash them again…and dry them right away. In our old house, I could let the clothes sit in the washer all day and there would be no stink, but in this house they mildew immediately if I don’t get them straight to the dryer. Very frustrating!

    Praying for you, my friend.


  2. praiseherinthegates

    Hello Martha,
    This is Rebecca from MOMYS!

    I was just thinking that could you have seasonal allergies? DH and I have them, and we have been sleeping poorly lately because of them and waking with headaches or backaches. Funny, I just thought it was us. I think it is a pollen allergy.

    I am sorry about your Grandma.

    May God bless you,
    Rebecca ~Mama to 7 under 8!
    Momto7 4boys3girls

  3. alaskahannah

    Sounds like you’ve got a good plan for your shcooling! I still need to set-up our area. I think we will school at the dining room table again or I could try to transform the basement family room. I need to talk to hubby and see what he would prefer.

  4. momtogirls5

    We are a large family. 7 of us all together. This happens every summer with the warm weather.
    What I do to get rid of the sour smell is to wash/rewash the load in hot water with my regular laundry detergent to which I add 1 scoop of Oxi-Clean (you can buy a small one at walmart for under 3 dollars. Only use the name brand) or with a large scoop of borax added. Either one seems to do the trick for our family. (Borax is under 4 dollars at Walmart or any super market) Hope that helps.

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