I guess this is something that many communities have set up, but I am really excited to be a part of this  one in our community. It is a organized barter/exchange system set up with it’s own community money and directory, group that meets monthly and organizers. It  has been going for one month now and just for attending the meeting (which was a potluck with good food), I got a 1/4 of an HOUR (community money) that was worth $2.50. that may not seem like much, but I then was able to visit a bakery that I have always wanted to try, downtown, and buy  two pastries (a cookie and pastry, actually) with that money.  <p> In this time of poor economy, gas prices rising daily, it is good to be able to develop relationships with others and be able to barter services, goods etc. rather than exchanging cash. <p> I guess there are several barter systems all over the USA, check around to see if one exists in your area! <p> You can visit  the website at
www.flatheadexchange.org<p> I could not believe all the things listed, from a funeral director to a lawyerdown to the minute things like someone reading to your children or walking the dog. <p> If you join they give you three HOURS to start out with, which is worth $30.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Martha, I wanted to comment of you post about the new Bosch…. I think you will love it. I would never make bread if it weren't for the mixer. Last week I made four loaves of bread, from grinding the wheat to dough in the bowl rising, all with one hand. With the other hand I was holding my fussy babe. I was so thankful for my mixer. I wish I could come visit you in your new house. I am really hoping that we can come to MT for a week this summer. I miss MT… ~Diana

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing! I had been thinking lately that it would be really cool if somehow I could be a part of a local bartering group. I am excited to check this out to see if there is one in my area or to get an idea of how to start one.
    Abbi @ Proverbs31Living.blogspot.com

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