This one on Tammy’s recipes, sounds really good! New Year’s Apple Challah<p>
I made Baked apples yesterday, which are so simple! You just core whole apples, leaving them whole. Fill the core area with a mixture of brown sugar, cinnamon and raisins if you want! Add some water to bottom of pan. Bake until soft! Spoon the caramel type sauce that forms on pan over top of apple! <p>
I used to make an apple preserves that were really good! I found that recipe today! i don’t think I will be making it as I have alot of jam already!
This one sounds really good and would be a good breakfast that is different. Apple-Cinnamon French Toast<p>
I need to come up with something for the next breakfast at MOPS that is a main dish also. I am not a huge breakfast or egg person, so I am going to try some different egg casseroles this week to see if we find one we like.  Does anyone have any favorite, good filling breakfast ideas that are transportable? <p>
I would also like to make  that I have not made in a long time. You take a sweet rolls dough and fill the center of it with apples. It is sort of like a pastry like  dessert that is not too sweet. <p> Do you think I will do it all this week? I don’t think so!

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  1. treasureinheaven

    Can you post the Apple Challah Bread recipe…I can't find it. Or send it to me. Thanks, Kathy

  2. treasureinheaven

    Yup…it just takes me a awhile! Kathy

  3. Martha

    Glad you found it! for the rest of you, if you click on the name, it should come up!

  4. Anonymous

    For a quick and easy share breakfast, how about a modest breakfast burrito? Any breakfast meat, peppers, onions scrambled with eggs. Soft tortillias with a smear of sour cream and topped with shredded cheese. You don't need to fill them with much of the egg filling.
    I just made then for bible study last Friday. They were a hit. When I got there, I microed them for about 1 or 2 min. and served them warm.
    Hope thats a help

  5. Sandlappersue

    I sometimes fix a breakfast casserole. You probably know the has bisquick, eggs, sausage and cheese all into one casserole. It's portable and it doesn't take much to hit your tummy like a rock!
    Something about fall does send us to the kitchen baking doesn't it?

    Thank you SO MUCH for your comment on the Habitat for Humanity stores. James looked it up and found one locally! Who would have "thunk" it?
    We will be checking this out, for sure. Any resources we can come up with at a great deal, we plan on pulling from.
    Oh yeah, you always say you look tired in your pictures but I really don't think so. You are very pretty and it really should be a crime to be so slim after four children. <sigh> LOL
    Have a great rest of the week!

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