I guess I should take a picture! It has gone really well today. They started with some grumbling and complaining, but I am planning on being a strict teacher, they may not like it, but so far it helped to straighten them up and before 10:30 am. We had alot of work done. We went to the library for the last day of summer reading program celebration, where they had ice cream, picked out some books etc.

I am sort of frustrated with the library as they are weeding out all the old books to replace them. The problem is they are not very good at getting books that people like to read really and if they get rid of the old ones, then there is not much left! I am going to write them a letter.

I did get a bunch of Bobbsey Twins series in the front for sale for .25 apiece, as well as several other nice books and 2 movies. I got a couple for a present which I know someone will like also! I also stopped to hang up a couple of posters for MOPS. The one place I stopped had an old Cherry Ames books as well as a Danny Dunn and the homework machine! I thought it funny considering today is the first day of school!

Back to work for me! We are in the middle of chore time and P. is working on spelling. The rest are ready for Art almost. P. has history and spelling to yet.

So, my prayer tis year is that they learn really, really well and are reading really good also by the end of the year. They are reading, but I want them to just take off!

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  1. momtogirls5

    Do write to them and let them know how you feel and what you need! Our local library has done a fine job at getting me the things I need for school.


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