On Sunday we had a sermon on Temptation and talking about Eve and the Serpent etc. I suddenly saw a picture of this in my life, how often satan leads our attention to the things that could have been or might be if only we could do such and such.

He makes it seem like it would be so great, when in reality we would probably not be much happier with a different house…because then we would have a different payment and would be complaining about that. If we had the opportunity to go to school (my thing) I would be complaining that I had so much study to do and no time.

All in all, he does the same to us that he did to Eve. God gave them every tree in the garden except for one, and he had to say what about the one you cannot eat.
I think sometimes I do this with my husband not being healthy.

I think “if only….” and am not grateful for all the blessings God has given me besides. If I had the one thing I desire, who knows that I would not be discontent in something else with my relationship.

So, anyhow, just a little encouragement to be thankful for what we have and not to always to look to what we do not have. He has blessed us with so much and instead of looking to the few things we cannot have, being grateful for them can be a step to contentment!

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  1. Lilyofthevalley4

    That is so true. Contentment is great gain….

  2. Anonymous

    Amen! I struggle alot against “If only” feelings.

  3. cappuccinosmom

    That was me. Why didn’t I show up?

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