Well, it had good parts of it! But it seemed like for the most part I was running around trying to get everything done. We started school, but the boys were distracted and I had to make phone calls and other things. I remembered I was supposed to go visit a lady from MOPS that had severe morning sickness, but was feeling better . I almost didn't go, but they said it was going to be a short visit and I know I need to take time for others too, so cut up some fruit and went. I got lost, drove around a sub division for awhile and finally found the right street. When we arrived, I found that Lee had not taken his diaper off that morning, had left a present in it and it was reeking! The water was off in the house we were at so we took a walk to a bathroom down the street, where we left the “Present”.

After arriving home, I remembered I had totally forgotten something I had to pick up n town, so back we went and then remembered this was the last day of the peanut butter sale also. It was .79 for a jar of peanut butter and that is a mainstay around here. Fred needed to finish some shopping also, so we stopped to get the boys new shoes (I found 2 pairs for $13 for the both of them)

I came home to make dinner which I had simmering in a pan a spanish rice and chicken dish, when I heard a little “pop”.

The glass lid on the pan shattered!!

Dinner was ruined now and I had no time to make new dinner as I had to go to Maria's.

I was quite dismayed to say the least and ended up taking Paul to Maria's to finish school, we ate Ramen noodles for dinner and cake in the end.

It was not a healthy dinner, of course!

Oh, and then to end the day we were almost done with school and the electricity went off. It stayed off for about an hour, so we were almost asleep when I had to get up and switch off lights. So……it was an okay day…just lots of tests and trials and testing of my patience! I hope today goes better, maybe I should start dinner now? mrgin: 0px;”>

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  1. Lilyofthevalley4

    That would be upsetting about the pot lid and the lunch then spoiled! I had a casserole dish break and spoiled our lunch too.

    Sounds like you had a busy and stressful day. Hope tomorrow goes much better!

  2. EagleAcademy

    What a mentally exhausting day you had! I am hopeful that today goes better or that you at least have a chance to sit down with a cup of tea.
    My boys would’ve loved that supper- ramen and cake…Mmm Mmm Good.

    On a side note…I know you have posted some recipes before but have you posted one for spanish rice?? That sounds tasty….sans shattered glass, of course!

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