I had a busy morning today! I was up the first part of the night with Paul and then went to bed and Anthony was awake. I think his teeth are hurting him, because he has been sleeping through the night. I had to change him in
the middle of the night as he fell asleep with a wet diaper. This morning I was pretty tired when I was feeding him breakfast, but then mom called me and said that a friend who is Amish was heading to St Ignatius to have a baby and was not going to make it down there (it is another hour and half at least. They thought about coming here, but ended up getting a motel and I went to buy Leona some gloves and to help her. She had the baby less than an hour after I got up! It was really interesting as her water never broke really and there was not very much water. Then the head sort of crowned and went back and then all of sudden one push and the whole baby was born. There was no time to suction really at all, but I got it right as he was taking a breath so I hope it was all okay. They were just glad he was not born in the car!! They said over and over, we should have just stayed home and let Joyce (my mom) deliver it.
It was hard because they didn't have blankets or anything and they didn't want to get the motel blankets dirty! Anyhow, that was my exciting morning! Can any of you top that?

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  1. cappuccinosmom

    That is exciting! I wish I had friends who would call me out to help deliver their babies. 🙂

  2. Titus2woman

    NO WAY! Can’t top that~how WONDERFUL! I’ve gotten to be there for two births, and it was AMAZING! I see in your profile that you’re a letter-writer~I also LOVE to write letters (although sometimes selfishly, as I LOVE to get mail), only I cannot seem to find the time much anymore…. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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