I love reading decorating ideas, but you know, it seems like everything pretty ends up getting put up high or broken eventually or the stuff I like costs too much money! So, I have to be creative!

I have my small collection of teapots and cups with some other dried flowers from special occasions up on top of the cupboards. I have a couple of pretty pot holders and oven mitt hanging on the wall in the kitchen that I do not use. They are just decorative!

On another wall I have a homemade pretty fabric covered picture board with ribbons criss-crossed with buttons with photos of my family and friends.

It reminds me to pray for them and keep them always in mind!

On top of the microwave is three small pumpkins.

I try to keep decorations simple and keep clutter very, very low!

Everything may not be matching and beautiful, but it is homey and cozy!

I found when we lived without electricity that low light makes things look cleaner and makes food taste better. Serve ramen soup in nice bowls by candle light and I guarantee it will taste better!I also will take a sandwich and cut it into triangles and serve on a nice plate, with a nice cup of a tea, it tastes better.

Does anyone else have any nice decorating ideas on a strict budget?

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