I am giving away a copy of this book which I reviewed earlier this month.
I am re-posting the review for you!

Bic’s Baptism
By  Miss Robin
Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko<p>

This little book is a short story that talks about the details of baptism in a simple, easy to understand way for young Christians. It is written for ages 4-8 and has color pictures on every page. Bic has become a Christian and when he is at church, he witnesses a baptism. It starts him asking questions, he wonders what was in the water and  thinks about how he should be baptized.  He feels very nervous about it and listens to more sermons on baptism, which  he is glad to learn that baptism does not save him, so maybe he does not have to do it. He learns though the reason for baptism and the symbols behind it, but he still feels nervous. He was afraid the pastor might drop him and gets more nervous. He wisely seeks out an older person to talk to about his fears, where he encourages him and prays with him. God helps Bic and he is able to be baptized. <p>
This short story is a great way to explain to children the symbolism of baptism, how o conquer fear of things and learning to follow the Lord. It would be a fun lesson to do in a Sunday school class or in your own home classroom. (It details baptism by immersion) <p>
It is available from Little Light Press www.littlelightpress.com
It is 32 pages long, color pictures in an easy to read style, and retails for $12.95<p>
To enter to win this book, please leave a comment saying  how you teach your children about things like baptism. Please a leave an email address to contact you by or the entry will be deleted!
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  1. Anonymous

    We feel that when our children are old enough to ask questions, it's time to answer them. Our son become interested in asking Jesus into his heart (and soon after baptism) after The Passion of the Christ came out.

  2. Qtpies7

    I would love to use this book with my younger 3 who have not been baptised yet.

    qtpies5 at msn.com

  3. Lisa

    This would be a wonderful way to teach my younger kids about being baptized.

  4. Anonymous

    This is a wonderful teaching resource. Thanks for the chance.

    nov231973 at gmail dot com

  5. CanCan

    I have a hard time explaining things to my 4 year old. When I told him one time that Jesus would be with him if he called for his help, he told me that Jesus made him choke. I have no idea what is in that head of his.

    onlycancan at hotmail dot com

  6. Charlotte

    A friend's daughter, who is 8, just accepted Christ and wants to be baptized. I thought this would be a great book for her to look at, and it's something we could keep on hand for other children in our church to use, too. Thanks for the chance to win!


  7. Anonymous

    My daughter is just turning 3 so the questions haven't really started yet. We do take her to church so I'm sure they will soon!

    elkmeese at yahoo dot com

  8. bluepickle

    We do it as we walk through life. As it is seen, if they don't bring it up, we do. But no pushing. My 8 year old was baptized last Sunday. For me, I would have preferred he wait till a little older. I want him to remember it crystal clearly and have no regrets or questions. I know so many kids second guess as teens and I don't want guilt coming with those questions. But in answer to your question…as it comes up. We sit on the couch and chat a LOT. One topic leads to another and as they get older, our topics can get deeper. Sometimes sooner than I'm ready, but they obviously are, so we tackle it.

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