Family Dinner:  (other people contributing)
Spanish Rice
Chocolate Cake
Hamburger and Fries Casserole
Beef Stew- crockpot
Mashed potatoes
Steamed carrots
Chicken Fried Rice<p>

Breakfast here is usually cold cereal, but we do oatmeal when we have it as the boys love it, or sometimes on a very rare occasion, I will make eggs or pancakes.  I have been able to buy cold cereal really cheap the last several months so we have just been eating that. Oh, peanut butter toast also is one we have usually.
<p> Lunch is either leftovers or PB&J sandwiches. If I get  turkey ham cheap, we will do meat or tuna sometimes. Macaroni and cheese occasionally. Lunch is usually leftovers and I will sometimes have  a large salad or tea and toast. <p>
Snacks are different each week, but usually I buy some bananas, celery sticks or carrots sticks, pretzels sometimes, peanut butter bread, quick breads with peanut butter or just plain. Pumpkin, apple, lemon, zucchini, banana  are some of the breads I have made. I made an oatmeal poppy seed one time too! Tortillas with cheese are another favorite snack.  I try to do a snack at around 3 pm so they are not dying by dinner time.  <p> I make leftovers on purpose so we have lunch, it does not usually cost more and really cuts down on expenses. My husband loves soup, so we try to have some soup he can heat up through out the week, anytime he is hungry. The boys too, if they are hungry in the day, they can always eat soup. <p> Hopefully our dinner tonight goes well, I am making alot of the food, I guess! I have to go and get started!

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  1. pbrfans1

    How do you make the hamburger french fry casserole? Do you use potatoes or like bagged fries? I'm trying to come up with some new recipes that are simple because I've been starting to get sick of the same old stuff and with the baby growing I'll probably get more hungry soon.

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