We did something fun  yesterday with our Saturday cleaning, we made a list of everything that had to be done and then said "Let’s see who can get the most jobs done!!" We wrote our initials down next to each chore when we picked it and then crossed it off and got a new one! <p> What was amazing was that the house was quite clean in about 30 minutes!!! Now, we did not do deep cleaning, but we vacuumed, wiped bathrooms down, swept, started laundry etc. The boys bedroom and office were the only things not spotless! It was fun! <p> Afterwards we all sat down and drank tea together, which  in my husband’s culture means that you have a snack and tea. We had a wonderful banana cake, which did not have a strong banana flavor with vanilla frosting and butterscotch chips on top for  a prize for working hard! The house was a mess too! <p> Today I set the timer and said let’s just clean for 20 minutes. Everyone got up and worked and after 13 minutes  things were straightened up already!  I think I  proved to them it does not have to take alot of time to clean up. I was encouraging them that  if we do this every day at least once, the house will be a whole lot cleaner and we will have more free time. <p> I have been working on packing up stuff like all the books I had double shelved on my shelves. It does not look the nicest and I am trying to make things look  uncluttered. So, I am packing away stuff and also collecting things for giveaway.  It is a slow process, but working, slowly.  I am going to be taking some pictures and posting here, but I have a small memory card so cannot take very many at a time.

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  1. kcmyworld

    Good for you. Isn't it amazing what can be accomplished with concentrated effort even in a short amount of time?! Good luck on the cleaning out!


  2. loefflermom

    Oh the joy of a clean house! Way cool.


  3. stillearning

    What no coffee? I know where my hubby is from and in the Finnish culture as a whole tea is almost unheard of, lol. It's always coffee and carbs…mmmm. Sounds like a productive day! Good for you! 🙂 Edited by stillearning on Feb. 18, 2008 at 7:29 AM

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