1. First locate fruit- make sure there is no extra things in the fruit box besides fruit
  2. Wash jars- load dishwasher with jars- start and quickly check on 4 year old to make sure he is not getting into something or using your peaches as baseballs.
  3. Start water boiling for peeling peaches- run down to check on boys as they are climbing on something they should not be. Run upstairs again, water is boiling.
  4. Locate lemon juice, stainless steel spoon and start   peaches so you can peel them. Wonder if  the time you caught your 4 year old and 6 year old with the lemon juice if they mixed sugar in with it.
  5. Peaches are peeled, chop and measure them. You miss your glass measuring cups you broke last week, but use the one remaining. Start cooking with lemon juice and pectin.
  6. Remember you forgot to measure sugar, run to get sugar and run back to quickly stir in between dashes.
  7. Catch 4 year old with something  red on fingers. Stick him in corner where you can see him, while stirring jam.
  8. Realize that you need to boil more lids and rings, dash to garage to find them.
  9. 4 year old is wailing he is hungry. Tell him to have patience, while you add sugar to now boiling jam.
  10. Bring jam back up to a boil, leaving for a second to heat up leftover spaghetti for said 4 year old.
  11. Arrange jars on counter, realize frantically you did not lay out the wide mouth funnel and go through  drawers looking while dashing back to keep stirring. Can’t find it!
  12. Decide to ladle jam in jars without funnel, while glancing at 4 year old to make sure he is not getting spaghetti on new shirt, I tip a jar of jam over, because I am doing it one handed. Jam is starting to pour down the clean cupboard! i rescue some jam, but lose a bunch.
  13. i carefully wipe and put lids on jam and arrange them in canner. 4 year old wants to go somewhere else besides kitchen and since I cannot chase him, I hurry.
  14. Jam gets into the canner somewhat crooked, but there was two inches of water over it, that is what counts I figure……another batch, you think? (I find the wide mouth funnel in the drawer where it belongs, hiding and it escaped my frantic search!)

I got 14 jars, not all pints of peach jam made in spite of many interruptions and we will see if it turns out after all that!!!
i got some really nice jelly jars from a garage sale for free and paid $3 for a box of lids and rings. Some of them are antiques I cannot use, but maybe I can sell them!<p>
My oldest son is in pain because after trying a gymnastic antic that failed when he fell off his bunk bed head first onto his head, his neck and upper back hurts. I talked to the doctor and she would like to see him so I will be going there tonight. "sigh" I also drove about 30 miles to get a free art easel. It is nice!

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