Sandi’s home was not broken. It was shattered. Repeatedly.

This is what the back cover of theis book starts out to say about this story. This is the true story of a young girl named Sandi, who through abuse, drunkenness,betrayal, neglect, and many other things survived to tell about it. This is the story of her girlhood, and sad teetn teen years, but also the answers she found when she sought God. It wasn;t like she hada reason to believe it could be true, Her mom went from living terribly to living like a christian and then back to drinking and a vile lifestyle.

I enjoyed thisbook, probably because it was true, but also because even though it is a mennonite book, it was not a typical one. Life was not perfect and was always going to be different for Sandi, One quote from the book says ” Iwish I could help the mennonite young people see the advantages and blessings they have.” Sandi said wistfully after a brief silence ” Phillip and I looked so long and hard to find what we have now. It hurts me to see christian young people, taught the bible since they were born, throw it away and go out into the worldlooking for fun and happiness.Others flirt with the world for a few cheap thrills and don;t see where it takes them. I’ve been there and believe me, the world has nothing to offer. I wish I could tell them that!” You ought to write a book and tell the story about your life” Rosy said enthusiastically

This is how this book was made because Sandi wanted to ge a message to the christian young people that the world is not worth it!

If you enjoy true stories, you will enjoy this well written book available from Christian Light Publications for only $4.95

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  1. Lilyofthevalley4

    You always have interesting books to read! I love true stories! 🙂

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