and the winner is…….well 2 people guessed the right state- Diana and Priscilla and wonder of wonders..Priscilla got the town right! You do have a good memory!

28 years ago I was born in Redding, CA. We lived in Weed at the time and mom and dad drive all the way down there to the hospital. As far as they have told me, they drove part way there and mom started wondering if it was real. Dad turned around and headed back home, but mom was too much in doubt so they went to the hospital anyhow. Mom's labor was about 9 hours long.

So, I guess I will draw names between the 2 right guesses and post the winner later today!

Another thing that was interesting on the guesses is it showed all the different places we lived. We lived in OR and my teacher from school lives in WA. now. We did live in MN also and WA. Those are the main places we lived besides MT. We also lived back east for a short time in Wash. DC, but that was under a year I think.

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  1. amandasangels

    Happy Birthday Martha!!!
    Love & Blessings,
    (: Amanda 🙂

  2. Priscilla

    Yay! I love a challenge. Honestly don’t know how I did that.

    Thanks so much for the wedding gift! I hope to get up to MT one of these days and come see you guys. Maria says it’s my turn to come see her now!


  3. Martha

    You are welcome! They are a bit impractical, but they were so pretty…… It is your turn now, I still haven’t “met” you!

  4. Anonymous

    Again Happy birthday, Martha!!!

    I have never thought of CA as an unpopular state!

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  5. Martha

    Maybe it depends where you live/ Here in MT it is considered so!

  6. Anonymous

    Happy Late Birthday as I am finally catching up with all the blogs and getting online for any length of time. I hope it was wonderful.


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