My Life Unscripted <p>
By Tricia Goyer<p>
Review By Martha Artyomenko<p>

My life, Unscripted…… when I got this book in the mail, I was curious about the title, but after curling up with this book before it was time for my blog tour, I was not disappointed. I love Tricia’s writing! Her fictional characters are someone you may meet on the street or read about in a history book, and no different with this book.  <p>
Whether you are a teenage girl or not you will probably find yourself in one of the scripts on these pages. 
Tricia uses the format of a TV or movie script to tell stories and then discusses each scenario with you using bible passages, notes from other girls and straight talk from the author herself. This book is a great guide to teaching girls how to have a plan of attack before temptation or hardship comes.  Some of the stories, sad to say, have come from her own past, but she uses them as an example so we can learn from them. <p>
It is a great book to give to a family member that you know is in the normal teen life and will be face with all the temptations that go along with that.  <p>

As an example she asked us on her blog tour to write an example script from something in our life. I grew up a lot more conservative than some of the examples in her book, but that is not to say we did not have whole lot of scripts in our life to decide between right and wrong.  We grew up without watching TV, were homeschooled, hardly ever did sleepovers even, my first “boyfriend” was my husband and we never dated, in fact were never alone together really before we got married, still there was temptation in our lives. <p>

Fade in:<p>
Int. Library: ESTABLISHING:<p>
The musty smell of all the SHELVES FILLED WITH BOOKS is in the air, it is a beautiful SUMMER DAY outside, and PEOPLE walk around speaking in hushed tones.<p>

 Between Library Shelves:<p>
There are so many books on the shelves.  You have been bored at home and really would like something to read that is different, interesting and exciting. You do not want to read biographies like your mom wants you to. <p>

Martha: <p>
One book that is risky won’t really hurt, will it? I know mom would not like it, but what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her? <p>

(Choose book)
Martha; (Guiltily looking around) <p>
Oh my, this one doesn’t look too bad. Mom did buy one of this series, she doesn’t know it had a questionable scene in it, but I am not about to tell her.  You know if I don’t take it home, and just read it here outside before I ride home, it won’t be bad. <p>

(Checking out book) <p>
I will just sit out here and read for a while, if it is bad I will return it and then it will hurt no one.

In her heart she knows it is wrong, but chooses to read it anyway.<p>

Fade Out<p>

What do you think I did not know? The written word can stick with you!  I still remember the books that my mom would not have wanted me to read several years later.  The words and actions come back to me. My excuses to myself do not help now when I knew later when I was in bed afraid because I read a true crime book or a fiction book that was not meant for my age group or the like.
Now, all of you may be laughing by now,  “That is the worst thing you could think about writing about?”  I told you I was conservative, but still this was one thing I am very sorry for. The things I read affected my life in many ways as they were my influence, where as many girls have things like TEEN magazine or friends at school or even church. We did not have any of those things all of my teen years, but I know that even if you did grow up like me, you have things in your life that scripted your life. <p>

Now, below is some more info from Tricia on the book, but leave me a comment and I will enter you to win your own copy for yourself or a girl whom you can think of that could really use this book! <p>
In order to enter I would like you leave a short script of something in your life that you see how it effected your life as an adult, when as a young person, you did not see how it could.<p> If you don’t want to do that and just want to buy the book, Amazon
carries it. If you would like to read the first chapter, this link will take you there.

An interview with Tricia Goyer!

Q: Tell me about My Life, Unscripted<p>

Sure! With real-life scripts, screen writing terms, and timely topics,My Life, Unscripted
helps teen girls explore their own inner struggles an outward relationships. It’s my hope they’ll learn the importance of "scripting" their own responses BEFORE challenging Life-situations arise.
By contrasting real-life with TV/movies, it’s my hope that teen girls will understand
they don’t have to get caught up in the drama. They don’t have to face situations as they arise, but rather they can think about, pray about, and consider how to
face these situations before they hit the big screen of their lives.<p>

Q: Is it true that much of YOUR story shows up in these pages?<p>

Gulp. Yes, I’m afraid so. In fact, I shared parts of my story that I SWORE I’d never tell a soul.<p>

My teenage script (portrayed in the book as Trish Valley) wasn’t one I’d
Suggest my daughter, nor my readers to copy.<p>

Q: Tell me about these scripts.
The introductory script of Trish Valley shows a scene where Trish urges her mom
to follow Trish’s boyfriend into the McDonald’s parking lot so she can"spill her
news." The other girl in the car and her boyfriend’s response to Trish’s  pregnancy
are unfortunately not fiction. I wrote out the scenes as they would  appear in an actual script. I even use all the correct terms and layout.
Q: In addition to teen pregnancy, what are some of the other "scripts"?
Do I have to tell? Well, I guess it’s in print now! Let me see: fists Fights with a rival, sneaking out of my parents’ house, getting caught by my boyfriend kissing his best friend–does that give you an idea? Do I have to go on?
Q: No, you can stop there. But WHY? Why did you decide to share these stories?
First, because I want girls to understand the heartache of unwise decisions. I want to them to be able to relate to me, rather than feeling preached at.Also, I wanted to share my stories because many young women have faced the same type Of situations, or they know friends who have. And finally because they are great
Object lessons for the importance of following biblical truth. That is something I did learn!
Q: What does your teenage daughter think about this book?
Leslie thinks it’s great I’m able to connect with other teens. She’s heard these
stories for a while! She was 11-years-old when we first started volunteering together
at a support group for teenage mothers together. As I taught the young moms things
like nutrition and potty training, Leslie assisted adults in babysitting the toddlers.
And while we loved giving and serving, it was the ride home that soon became the most meaningful part. As Leslie sat in the passenger’s seat, I could see her mind
considering my life as a teen mom, and she started asking questions.
Although it was hard to talk about my past mistakes, I knew this was an ideal opportunity
to share real-life truths with my daughter. Each person walking this earth has regrets.
Our talks showed me that instead of hiding my past troubles (and hoping My kids
didn’t find out) sharing my mistakes could actually give my daughter a better understanding
to why values and wise decision-making skills are important.
Q: So now you’re "having a heart-to-heart" with other teens through This book?
I sure hope that’s how they see it! Those first talks with my daughter brought us
closer, but I knew not every girl has had someone to offer advice such
as: "build
a supporting cast of people you can trust" or "consider the character qualities
you’d like for a leading man."
Q: Okay, so your book is for teens, but what about the moms out there Who feel they
have past mistakes they don’t want to share?
Well, they could each write a book about their teen years! Ha- just kidding!

But for those moms out there, maybe your teen years were not as drama-filled as
mine. Or, if they were, maybe you are fearful of sharing them with your teen. The truth is, teens learn best not with information and knowledge, but rather by hearing life examples and understanding how decisions can affect all parts of our lives.
So, time to get brave, Mom. Open your heart and share what worked and what didn’t.
It just might help your daughter write a better script for herself.

Oh, yes, and consider buying your daughter My Life, Unscripted! Hopefully every teen girl can get some take-away to scripting a bright future!

Tricia Goyer has published over 300 articles for national publications
as Today’s
Christian Woman, Guideposts for Kids, and Focus on the Family, and is The co-author of Meal Time Moments (Focus on the Family). She has led numerous Bible Studies,
and her study notes appear in the Women of Faith Study Bible (Zondervan).
She has written seven novels for Moody Publishing: From Dust and Ashes (2003); Night
Song (2004), Dawn of a Thousand Nights (2005); Arms of Deliverance (2006); A Valley of Betrayal (2007); A Shadow of Treason (Fall 2007); and A Whisper of Freedom (Spring 2008).
Night Song was awarded American Christian Fiction Writer’s 2005 Book of the Year for Best Long Historical. Dawn of a Thousand Nights won the same award in 2006.
Tricia has also written Life Interrupted: The Scoop on Being a Young Mom(Zondervan,
2004), 10 Minutes to Showtime (Thomas Nelson, 2004),and GenerationNeXtParenting
(Multnomah, 2006). Life Interrupted was a 2005 Gold Medallion finalist in the YouthCategory.
Also, coming out in the next year are: My Life, Unscripted (Thomas Nelson,2007),
Generation NeXt Marriage (Multnomah, Spring 2008), and 3:16-the teen version of
the a book by Max Lucado (Thomas Nelson, Spring 2008).<p>
Tricia and her husband John live with their three children in Kalispell, Montana.Tricia’s grandmother also lives with them, and Tricia volunteers mentoring teen
moms and leading children’s church. Although Tricia doesn’t live on a farm,she
can hit one with a rock by standing on her back porch and giving it a good throw.
Tricia has two books that will be out soon …
A Shadow of Treason (Moody Publishing), Fall 2007
Generation NeXt Marriage (Multnomah), January 2008

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    I read about your give away but do not know where to enter.

    Please enter me:

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  2. Anonymous

    Thanks so much Martha for sharing your script! It's great! You're so sweet! Thanks also for sharing my book with your readers! I'd love to hear any "scripts" you get back!

    Tricia Goyer

  3. Nichola

    Fade in:

    *Nichola looking through the bookshelves, wanting something to do, something to read, something different.*

    Hmmm. "The Satan Seller." Looks spooky, mom said not read it last time I asked, but I am older now. *Peaks in at mom. She looks occupied. I don't think she knows that I am looking at this shelf.

    *Book comes off shelf and Nichola heads off to bedroom to read it*

    Fade out:

    Fade In:

    *Nichola, in the middle of "Christy," just as things are coming to a part it the book that was a bit too much info for a 12 year old.*

    *Nichola's thoughts*
    "Oh,……WHAT!…………Oh, my goodness, this is way too much info….*still reading, ignoring warning bells going off, much the way the girl in the story did.*……Gulp, ummm, this is not a good book for me to be reading,……..I,….I, uh, …..think that I should stop just a minute.
    *Still reeling from the amount of info revealed in the scene in the book.*
    "I think I shouldn't finish, but I just can't stand not to. I'll just make sure to not let Cilla read this."

    Fade Out:

    Fade In:

    Setting: Salvation Army, in the book section.

    Mom: "I wonder if there are any good books in all these."

    Nichola: "Might be." *Starts looking around. Spys a pile of romance novels that look like trash, but she wonders if there might be any Christian ones thrown in the pile. As she is looking through, the pictures on the covers draw her in, she takes a peak…….*

    "This is gross!………..Oh, man, this is trash…………Put it down,……….I will, just a minute………….Yuck!…….Yeah, but I want to know……..You know this isn't the way to know…………..I know, but I don't see another way and I don't care…………Yes you do!…………You know that this is not going to help you…………..Remember……….and remember…………….that Teacher So and So taught about…………shut up, I am reading………..Yeah, it is really good reading too, isn't it………………..

    *Finally, sickened by the trash, yet drawn to it like a fly to rotten meat, she drew the line.*

    "That's it. I'm shutting the book and now I know…way too much."

    The only problem was, the images that the mind congures up as we read, weren't shut. And wouldn't go away. They were echted into her mind and were a source of trial and torment for years to come.

    Fade Out

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