I knew today was going to be a bit busy as we had alot of things to do! It started out very pleasent as a friend came over and we had muffins I baked together and talked. She is going to college about 5 hours away, so I probably will not see her for a long time. She and I were best of friends since we were about 12 or 13 and sort of grew apart after I got married and have become friends again. She is just barely younger than me, but not married and going to school to become a English teacher.
Then I went to a homeschool women's house as she very kindly is letting me borrow Sonlight program for 1st grade. It looks like a ton of stuff to do, esspecially all the reading aloud. I hope I can keep up. I may have to cut out some things, but it will be worth it I think if I can spend all that time with the boys.
I am so worried about the boys. Paul has been really acting up and I pray I am doing the right things to handle it all. I am reading the Heart of Anger right now, and I see so much in it I need to work on with him. If I can keep him with me and working with me, he loves to work and have things to do!
Anyhow, the rest of the day I cleaned in the house some washing the toilets (which I actually got a picture of, it is not a whole diary, but at least you can see me washing toilets with a goofy smile on my face and my grubby sweatshirt on, I don't usually dress up too much) and vacuumed, but then had to run and take Moriah to the doctor.
I took care of Eric while she was in there and had Paul and Hans with me. I ran and got Regina's purse that she dropped at the fair, and then headed back. Moriah was sort of sleepy from the medicine and so I took her home. Joe and Michael were there by then, and so she didn't really need me there, but it was nice to visit a bit.
Dinner was supposed to be pasta so I put leftovers from tacos last night into pasta and it turned out pretty good! We had corn on the cob also as there was some I didn't freeze.
So,,,and now all I need to play a song on the piano “The end of the perfect day” (if I played piano!!! Have you ever read that poem? It was in the beginning of one of my favorite housekeeping books, but disapeared and I cannot remember the name of it! Oh, well, maybe I read it enough growing up!
Oh yes, Anthony's throat swab came back and it was a bacterial staph infection. She said it is not as contagious as strep, but still! Weird, I thought!
Well, I need to get to bed! Good night!

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