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Many people have probably seen the movie Your’s, Mine and Our’s, a humorous account of the family with 18 children, which ended up to be 20. The mother (Helen) was widowed with 8 children and when she met Frank, a widower with 10 children and fell in love….it seemed crazy to many people. Then they had two more children together, bringing the total to 20 children. <p> I recently got the little book "Who gets the drumstick" used, which I found out it is a rare find, so that was nice. I enjoyed reading this story again! If any of you have watched the movie and seen some of the things, like I enjoyed the quote from one of the sons that if he had done what the movie portrayed, getting her drunk…they would not have lived to tell about it! <p> It was funny because they spent alot of money they thought then, and looking at the figures for everything….they lived on $1500 a month and that was alot of money!!! <p> They did a bunch of bread commercials and managed to figure out how to get food, clothes and shoe discounts…..
I found it very refreshing to read this little story and if you ever get  a chance to find a copy or check it out of the library, I would encourage you too!

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