We had a full week, but one exciting thing we were blessed with was the chance to attend a Naturally Healthy Conference done by Shonda Parker. It was  so informative and so  much to take in.
You can see her website www.naturallyhealthy.org
I really liked it because she is so balanced. She does not say "Herbs are the cure-all", but she has a very detailed and well balanced approach to natural medicine.  She talked about female  and hormonal issues the first night and the next day, more on general health issues. She has exact dosages on what to take, what not to take, why it will work and why it will not work in a scientific manner. She tells why some things will not work on certain people and why  they will on others. <p> She had this new formula she came up with  for treating yeast in both man and wife with some oils called Intimate Solutions that smell really nice, there is one  that soothes  and repairs as well as another that helps get rid of Group B Strep. <p>  I feel like I am so much more knowledgeable about what I should be using for the children and not at other times. I would encourage everyone to buy her books, and if there is one of these near you to attend!<p>
Books read this week:
I read half of a few books
I am working on Naturally Healthy Woman by Shonda Parker
I read though;
Washington’s Lady by Nancy Moser 414pages (I really enjoyed this book and the one about Jane by her. This one was about Martha Washington and I learned more about her than I knew before)
In Search of Home by Harvey Yoder 235 pages (I will have to write more about this book as it was excellent. it was the true recent story of a Muslim family who became Christians)

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  1. cappuccinosmom

    That sounds really interesting! I need to find out if our library carries Shonda's books.

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