We woke up to a covering of snow on the ground this morning, which seemed funny because I was having to go and discuss spring cleaning. I was sort of feeling like it was hard as I have been so behind and to talk about spring cleaning though made me realize I need to get that organized and ready to get everything cleaned up.  We are finishing up some school books too now and L. is having surgery now tomorrow, so i am preparing for that.
We painted clay pots today too at MOPS, which is fun and I planted some Marigolds…i hope they grow good I think they will cheer up things! I like marigolds as you can get more seeds from them too when they grow. <p> We have to go pick up the van title today, which is good! I have had too many experiences where it was difficult to get the title, so I am rejoicing this is not the case. <p>
I have read some emails, news and all the other stuff that coming in flurries around about the "Swine flu". My sister is going down to TX this week for a wedding so it makes you think about stuff is transferred so easily, but also it made me think about  whether to be afraid or not.  I have read the stories of the pioneers where they were a happy family and everything was going well and next thing, influenza killed all the children. It makes me remember though Who holds our life in His hands. No, it does not mean we will not catch this and we will not die, but we will not die unless it is His plan for us. We can prepare with stocking up food for disasters  that may never come, live in fear  of sickness and never visit the sick like Jesus commanded and miss out of great blessings as well, and then die of starvation or illness  anyway.
<p> Many times I would hear sermons  that were based on fear and realized what a detriment that is to our faith. Faith does not mean our lives will be easy and everything will go right. the men and women in Hebrews 11, who are praised for their faith did not have easy lives at all. Why do we think our lives will be any different? But having faith in something eternal, we have a greater hope then those who suffer without faith in God. We have a reason and a purpose for our pain, where as they simply have pain.

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