Well as snowed in as you can be living in town!  We got another foot of snow or more overnight and it snowed all day today. People were getting stuck in the street all day!!! Finally this evening a plow came by and plowed out  some things, but there were only skinny ways through the streets  where you would spin sideways when you went to turn…..it was an adventure!  i would not have gone anywhere, but i had  a  DVD to return and i did not want to pay for it again! 
<p> i took some pictures i will post sometime tomorrow!  F. and P. were busy shoveling out  all day, trying to keep a path clean for the mail lady as she walks to our house and the neighborhood! I would not want to be her right now…..although she does look pretty fit.
Anyhow, we are thinking about shoveling the roof as it has alot of snow on it and i am not sure if it melt if the roof will handle it. I saw many other people shoveling their roofs, so  we are thinking about it. Maybe i will get my brother to come and do it!

<p> For now, I am baking bread, enjoying nice big cups of hot tea  and snug, warm pajamas sound really good right now!!
Good night!

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