I ended up going to a Shonda Parker conference all weekend, which was good, tons of information that I am trying to remember and digest. It was long and while there were people i know there, I did not have anyone with me, so it was a bit lonely. My sister was going to come, but forgot to sign up at the last minute and so only came the first night. It was interesting to me how to use herbs for medication, for prevention and to help our bodies work better. I am eager to place an order of some dry herbs. I think I will start with capsules as I hate tinctures!!!<p>
This is the last week of our preschool/kindergarten co-op we did this year, mostly for fun, but it has been a bit stressful. Like tomorrow, i am trying to figure out, how on earth I am going to do all of this…as at the last minute i found out I am supposed to have a planned out game for a half hour tomorrow….i saw this version in Old Schoolhouse today of a cake walk of some kind with prizes…I am going to have to go and look at that again for ideas. <p> Other than that, I am so tired out, I realized tonight I am going so much it is hard for me to relax. i am always trying to think of the next thing. So, tonight, I still have a mess in the kitchen….i mean it is covered in jam and dirty dishes, which I do not usually do, but  it is okay. I forgot my secret sister gift for MOPS tomorrow and I feel like there is not enough time in the day, but I will hopefully find good in this someday? Or not?  The hard thing is it seems like all these things we put in our life end up really taking away from the things I wish I could do or other people have other things they have that are important and all together it adds up with we rush from one thing to the next and never have time to really care about people. <p> Well, I am so tired I am probably not making sense, plus I got soap in my eye while showering and it has been giving me fits all day, I think I did not rinse it well or something. But I guess, take the time to stop for a minute to say "Hi" to someone or maybe say thank you. i know I am thankful  for so many things, but I don’t tell people that enough. <p>
Today, since the soap incident my eye wanted to  close on me, I was tired so in church, i wanted to close my eyes alot, not a good thing, especially when they are singing soothing music….not good, so I had to think of all kinds of things to keep my eyes open during the singing. During the sermons, i just work on staying on my toes, translating in my head and making sure I got the bible reference right. It is usually something like "Was that 11 or was it 21?" I  try looking it up and listen to the words to make sure I got in the right spot….oh it keeps me awake, but during the singing, they sing beautifully and it is so soothing, I had to resort to other means and so I kept myself guessing if someone was pregnant or not…One of my friend’s there is pregnant, with her 8th child I think.  They are a really wonderful family and are so excited, they were wishing it could be twins!!! She asked the doctor if there was two heartbeats and the doctor laughed she said! I am very blessed to be able to go there.

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