…..and you just want to crawl into bed and not get up until tomorrow, what do you do?

It was technically still morning, when we discovered that one of our four sons had very kindly crawled into our van, looking for something last night and left the lights on.

The battery was dead and we had to be across town picking  up two of them, in a matter of 10 minutes. No problem, jump the van. While my husband and I were working on that, my youngest son comes out to tell me that someone called….he told them something and they said “Bye”. I have told him so many times not to answer the phone. No clue who that was or anything!!!

The van started we head to the church, to find out, they took the boys home. The phone call, was verifying that that was what we wanted. Not sure why they believed a 6 year old though…..we raced back across town to try to get them at home now…on ice covered roads, so more like crawled back across town.

I needed to then pick up my nieces and get to church before 1 pm. My nieces were not answering the phone and I was coming down with a pounding headache!

In  the end, we made it to church, my sister had to come pick up the nieces from church and we enjoyed a nice service….

But the day was not over yet….as I was picking up nieces and my boys from my sisters house, my sister dropped a expensive thing of moisturizer she was returning just as I stepped down….thankfully it was not ruined.

We passed by the neighbors barn being hosed down by 6 fire trucks, when the phone rings. My niece left her cell phone!!! We try to turn around…but the road is too icy to do it…my husband gets confused  and just then a police car passes. I see brake lights in the mirror and we both panic!!! We do not need a ticket….especially when I remembered, in getting a new quote for car insurance, I forgot to put the insurance cards back in the car.

We retrieve the cell phone and safely make it home, defrost the mashed potatoes that are a solid block…when they were supposed to have just been refrigerated and eat leftovers as well as grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with apples….

It has been a long day!!! It could have been worse! We are all alive…..I just pray my mom makes it home safely!

On the Agenda for tomorrow…..

Second week of Kenya…..

Somehow it seems wrong to be studying Kenya when it is below zero outside, but no matter. We are trying African food and maybe seeing how much fun I can have teaching school this week. It might be a little crazy!!!

Plus, I am going to keep up on laundry…..hold on to your hats!!!

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  1. Nichola Files

    Sounds a bit like how I feel this morning. False labor all day yesterday, but of course didn’t find that out until David and kids had managed everything yesterday, did prep for baby and called the midwife out to find out that I am only 1 cm and all the contractions were just Braxton-Hicks. Having to hold onto the Lord this morning, cause what I want to do is crawl in the bed and hide. =)

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