Well,  hopefully a normal day, which yesterday was not! It was a long night, I kept waking up cold and as a result I had extra people in my bed with me, because it was cold. It was about 58 degrees when I woke up, which means my bedroom was a bit cooler, probably. <p> Anyhow, I got a call about 6:30 am and so afterwards was still tired as the two little ones woke up and were playing around. I was waiting for it to warm up before I got up, so when I heard a  loud cry….thought " Oh, no, who hurt someone now." My husband brings me my youngest with the back of his head bleeding. My first thought after I checked it "I do not want to sit two hours in the ER!!!"  It looked like a large cut was gaping on the back of his head so, tossing on clothes,  throwing my hair up and running around while trying to keep pressure on his head, he is crying as the blood is on his fingers, his shirt and all. We get him in the car with my oldest son to help and head to the hospital.  He was much better after an experience  that ended with with 4 staples in his head. Yes, staples! That was weird! They told me to wake him up every hour as I think they expected him to sleep after that. I do not think they knew him well! He did not sleep a wink, but ran around like he did not have a hole in his head! It was deeper than the doctor and I thought orginally, so it was a good thing I took him in. He lost some hair back there and  we have to make a trip in a week to get them out, but so is life among boys! I feel blessed that this is only the second trip…….never mind it is the same child. <p> What was he doing? He was attempting to get  get candy hidden atop the fridge. <p> Do I think he learned his lesson? Unlikely!!!

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  1. Anonymous

    Oh Martha, I am beginning to realize just how likely these things are for us in the future. Boys are just partly crazy and still wonderful at the same time. But we have also been to the ER with girls… It just seems like the boys will get us there more often. I hope he is healing quickly. ~Diana

  2. drewsfamilytx

    Oh my! I'm glad he's okay!

    We've been to the ER several times– four times for Tank (three of them being stitches in his head) and once for Dozer when he got a black eye (he kept throwing up after he had hit is head). Boys! They are resilient and busy, aren't they? 🙂

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