ImageThis was actually a little earlier in March…from a field trip they took! 



Doing school in the sunshine! We take advantage of it, when we can get it! 




Gummy worm economics…L. and T. earned money cleaning up after dogs, spent their money on gummy worms, repackaged them and re-sold them. They had to write out a business plan, figure if they were making money, and all their expenses. It was a great math lesson!




Out getting some exercise on a beautiful day! 




First playing in the dirt of spring time! 



The window is a favorite spot to work on Language Arts!




ImageRussian class….real style.  The Resurrection day service….

ImageAlmost the whole group!




I took a break to help coach a mom in her delivering a beautiful baby girl!!



Outdoor building project that my son and husband are designing! It is supposed to be a small green house! 

Back in early January, we joined in a class for drama. It gave the boys drama, music, dance and other arts experiences. They have been practicing 2-3 times a week, or more sometimes since January. This past week, we spent a lot of time practicing as the performance was the second week of April. 



We fit in school whenever and where ever we were! This was at the doctors office to examine P.’s finger. 



Big brother helping little brother learn his math

ImageFirst dress rehearsal with costumes….



Deliver Us song 



P. there in the front showing the agony of slavery. 


ImageL. dressed and ready to be a prince!



We managed to actually work our Rome to Reformation work into every day, as well as a field trip, even though we had practice about 5 hours every day this past week! 

We learned about the history of the area. 

ImageSome of the creative names for the months of the year that the Native American’s of this region had. 





ImageExperimenting with trying to make a spark with flint

ImageT. the trapper!!

ImageThese three stayed in stitches the whole time! 



Examining the trunk of treasures! 



ImageHeading up to journal


ImageIt was lovely! 


ImageSchool outside is the best!

ImageCookies baked for the bake sale


ImageYay! The play days are finally here!!!

ImageL. and his “father”


ImageThe makeup looked really weird up close!

ImageThey had so much fun!


ImageI watched it like 4 times!!!

ImageL. playing dead…

ImageDown time….

ImageKeeping everyone occupied!



Resting up for the last play! 


It was a long, tiring, but fulfilling couple of weeks! I cannot believe it has only been 2 weeks! It seems like a month! We have learned tons though…had a wonderful time and I would do it all again! 
























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