I went to the grocery store for a couple things and ended up finding some really good deals. <p>  I didn’t use any coupons, but actually if I had any for the items I bought, I probably could gotten them free. However, because of the place I live, we do not have access to many coupons so I am thankful for these kind of deals! <p> Many of them were dented cans. I know there is conflicting arguments about the safety of dented cans, but I feel they are perfectly safe as long as you follow a few rules. <p>
 Check each can carefully. <p>
#1- Make sure the can is not deformed so badly it has to bulge<p>
#2- Make sure there is not any leaks  in the dents. Sometimes there  can be a can that is discounted because something spilled on it. You have to check this though.<p>
#3- No puffy cans or ones that feel like there is air in them<p>
If you follow these rules, you should not have any trouble. It is simply a can that is still air tight that has been dropped and  the food is fine. <p>
My grocery shopping receipt <p>
Tortilla chips $1.00<p>
Bigelow Teabags Sweet Dreams $.71<p>
Oust Air Sanitizer  $1.15<p>
S&W Chili Beans $.29<p>
Kroger Chicken broth $.17<p>
Del Monte Green Beans $.28<p>
Rosarita Refried Black beans $.31<p>
Ziplock Freezer Bags $ .92<p>
Kroger Pineapple (20 oz.)$.31<p>
Rosarita Chili and Lime refried beans $.31<p>
Kroger Vegetarian Refried beans $.18<p>
Betty Crocker Chocolate Cake Mix (for my husband) $.84<p>
(2)Kroger Real Vanilla Extract $.56 <p>
(4)Disney Gelatin 4 /$1.00<p>
Kroger Yogurt (32 oz) $1.67<p>
(3)Kroger Cottage cheese $1 ea. =$3<p>
Roma Tomatoes $1 lb=  $.54 <p>
Eggplant $1.29<p>
Total= $16.61

Most of this stuff I will  not be using just this week. It will be spread out over awhile, like all the refried beans, I use for quick lunches. I bought tortillas last week for $1 a package with a  little grated cheese that is a cheap lunch!  A couple of those things I bought were sort of extra items. The eggplant was pretty cheap for an eggplant and I can make a whole dinner out of that combining some ingredients i have already here at home, making a very affordable dinner. <p> The jello  I  use with tapioca to make a large not very sweet dessert with fruit in it.  <p> I buy the yogurt and cottage cheese to keep some protein and calcium down my littlest boys.  We all do not drink alot of milk, so this helps in that area. <p> i was pretty happy with my purchases! Combined will all the cabbage we bought this past week, I think we are set for awhile!

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  1. cappuccinosmom

    Wow Martha! That is neat.

    Do you have to ask a manager or someone to take you to the dented-can area? I've never seen that in our Giant Eagle.

    I did once try a "dented and dinged" store but they didn't have many really great deals and some of the stuff I bought there ended up being buggy! Ewww

  2. Martha

    Oh yes, that is why I mentioned some of the rules. These ones are just at a regular store. You have to check in the back of the store as it is not terribly obvious here. They have baskets in the meat dept. and one in the dairy section, and then some carts in other areas. Sometimes things are cheap and sometimes they are not.
    We used to work for a place that sold dented cans and they had some really bad shipments for awhile and we did not eat food from there forever! They get good shipments now, and I do shop there some now. I take a look in their sorting area if I have questions! = )

  3. drewsfamilytx

    There is something immensely satisfying about getting good deals on things that you need in order to take care of your family. 🙂 Great job, Martha!

    If your store doubles or triples coupons, it might be worth your while to order coupons online. There is a small fee but you still end up ahead.

    Hope you have a great week! Let me know what you end up doing with the eggplant. I usually just put some olive oil, salt and pepper on it and toss it on the grill. Too bad I'm the only one that will eat it in my house, though.


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