We have been having a fun summer experimenting with some different things for school or really just learning made funt his summer. We are reading alot of books! Today Paul picked up a harder book than he has been reading and attempted to read it aloud! It is a good progression for him to make as he didn't want to try before, but just look at pictures. He has been at least reading one easy reader every day for the past couple weeks and it is paying off!

This morning we went to the story hour at the library, it was all about bears and they enjoyed that. They did a craft and then when we came home we set up a station outside with the sheet and paper bags with finger paint. They had some things and glue to glue to their pictures too and had fun making a mess. It was easy clean up outside though!

Then they started playing in the mud! They were laughing so hard and having so much fun, I let them get so absolutely filthy! I do not think I have ever let them get so dirty! You should see their faces though, they were bright and happy…..

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Martha, You might not have been productive in material things but I am sure your boys think you are the greastest mom ever! Making memories takes a little time and sacrafice but it is worth every minute. The reason I have been able to do so much this week is that Heidi is taking the girls to swimming lessons in the mornings and in the hour and a half that they are gone I can get a lot done. It is nice for this time but I am looking forward to things calming down after the baby comes. I hope we can take a week of just family time…. ~Diana

  2. cappuccinosmom

    I still struggle with letting my boys get that dirty, though! Shame on me! We could be having such fun!

  3. Martha

    Tell me about it! I told them this is not a everyday occurance!
    If I do not have things for them to do, since we live in a small house and they cannot play outside of our yard, they get into trouble and make messes in the house. I have been racking my brain for more ideas to do.

  4. Lilyofthevalley4

    Sounds like your boys had alot of fun! Boys need to be able to get dirty and have fun at the same time. 🙂 Something hard for moms to allow, me included!

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