I started a thing awhile back to save me stress and gas, where I have one day where I run errands and go to stores for food. We only go once a week and I usually go with the two oldest boys when my husband has some time between work. That way they can help me and the younger two are not  making it more distracting! I don’t know if this helps you, but it has helped me! I usually do two-three stores for food, depending on what i have to spend. <p>
Today I first went to Super One which is the store I do not always go to, but I wanted to buy cabbage and corned beef and they had Corned Beef for .98 a pound. <p>
Super One:
4 heads cabbage
1 corned beef
1 dozen eggs
1 celery
and something else I cannot remember now what it was….
but it was  a total of $8

<p> After that  I went to Smiths
8 boxes cereal $8 but then I had coupons for $3.50 off so it was $4.50, coming out to .56 a box
Canned peaches .40
Can pineapple .70
Can pineapple .50
2 cans Mushroom soup .30 each
Almond flavoring $2
1 container cottage cheese $1.25
1 dozen eggs  $1.29
Green pepper .89 (which I though was high, but yikes they were $1.29 at another store)
Pepperoni $1.50
1 box fiber cereal .80
Oatmeal 18 oz. $1

Total $18.03
Then I went to Costco-
2 gallons milk $5.19
2 lbs chunk cheese $4.99
1 pkg. 6 Romaine lettuce heads $2.99
Total: 13.17
<p> This was a total of $39.20<p>Menu:
Wednesday: Hash with leftover meat from last night (I was given an venison roast which we made last night and ate with the Borcht)
Thursday: Pizza and Salad (My mom gave me a bag of cheese  so we get a treat!)
Friday: Taco soup- corn muffins
Saturday: Potato soup  Bread
Sunday:  Boiled dinner (corned beef, cabbage, potatoes)
Monday: Parmesan chicken, pasta, salad
Tuesday: Chicken ( not sure if it will be roasted or I will cut up a whole chicken and make BBQ chicken), mashed potatoes and coleslaw<p>
We have meat in the freezer so the only meat I had to buy was the corned beef this week and the pepperoni. <p> I am making a dessert on Friday to take to ladies bible study project and  I am thinking I am going to make these Polka Dot bars. I also need to pack lunch for while we are at soccer and on Friday, so I may make some  things for that too. I never got to make pumpkin bread last week as I ran out of eggs, so  this week we will try. I have to have lots of snacks at the soccer practice and I may need to spend some money on water bottles. Either way, our budget for food is $40-50 so that gives us some room! <p> I try to make sure that the boys have at least three good meals and a snack in the day. It is tough to keep up with you are on a budget, but I think when you make homemade stuff often it is more filling also and it keeps them fuller. When I have had to buy snacks I have bought a big bag of pretzels at the dollar store or wheat crackers, we have carrot sticks, cereal, homemade oatmeal cookies, quick breads with peanut butter etc. My husband got some apples for free this week so that was a special treat.

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  1. loefflermom

    I am curious. Does your budget include cleaning supplies, toothpaste, ect. or is it simply food?

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Anonymous

    Hi. I'm Mom2fur (aka Clare) from Sortafrugal.blogspot.com. Your menu sounds great–I love potato soup! I agree that homemade things are more filling. At least, you know what's in them, LOL! I did a sneaky thing yesterday. I made brownies, but substituted apple sauce for the oil! They aren't quite as rich as regular brownies, so next time I might put back in just a teaspoon of oil. But my husband loved them enough to eat 2!
    Do you want a super easy roast chicken recipe? Take one or two lemons and poke a lot of holes in them with a fork. Then stuff the whole lemons right into the cavity of the bird. Only put in what fits–if you have a large lemon, you'll only need one. Don't put lemons in the pan outside the chicken, or the sauce will be bitter from the rinds. But inside? Wow…the lemon juice marinates the bird as it cooks and I promise you've never, ever tasted anything so tender! I usually just use the juice in the pan, but you can make a lemony sauce/gravy out of it. Delicious!

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