We are learning Leaning on the Everlasting Arms for our hymn this week! It is one of my favorites, so we have been singing it several times during the week!  We read the history behind it  in “Then Sings my soul”, but I thought this link was interesting as well.
Our theme this week has been about Jamestown. We have plans of building the wigwam and a model of Jamestown, so I am picking up supplies on Wednesday for it.
We discussed the King James version bible and are working hard on memorizing the book of James. We may memorize the first chapter at this rate.
Notebooking has been going better this year, with them writing some in their notebooks about what we have read. I think this is going to help them retain it better.
Tuesday – We watched Bill Nye the science guy DVD on Mammals and a Popular Mechanics for Kids about Whales and dolphins to go along with our science studies on Mammals/
We started our read aloud this week…Almost Home by Wendy Lawton
For book basket books we have read- Samuel Eaton’s day, Sarah Morton’s day, Pocahontas and some others…
L. also read a book about some of the different painters around the world.
We also watched Dear America- Journey to the New World
We have taken walks every other day for P.E this week, but also H.  and P. are practicing basketball 3 days a week.
Our reading for history came from many different texts from MFW Exploration to 1850’s  .
L. and H. are both doing Teaching Textbooks for math, with extra math drill sheets.
H. went in for testing this week, to make sure there is no occupational issues with his learning this week, so hopefully I will get the results from that next week.
I worked on making some reading games to play!
Hopefully reinforce some of the blending and speed up T.’s reading.P1060218
He has been enjoying doing the program Reading Eggs  everyday for reading, and I am considering extending our membership for the rest of the year. P1060213
Language arts is not their favorite time of the day….but it gets done!
Often in many different ways….
Really?? You are taking my picture now?
P1060220Hard at work!
We always need fuel for breakfast or lunch! Yesterday, we worked on putting pancakes and waffles in the freezer. I used some recipes from this book…Not your Mother’s Make Ahead and Freeze Cookbook . We tried the Lemon Flax Waffles and Bulk pancakes made with 100% whole wheat flour that I ground in my new grain mill and flax seed grinder.  I also made some instant oatmeal packets.
The freezer is pretty full!
Thursday- We are adjusting to having classes again. P. has the most this year, but two of the boys have an afternoon writing class.
We raced around trying to get history read, breakfast eaten before he went to do biology labs and algebra class. (He had Writing and Humanities on Tuesday). Labs are twice a month, but so far, I think we are getting into a groove!
After he left and H. for basketball practice, we finished our reading history. We are on track as far as our read alouds.
L. read Katie the Windmill Cat and did a math drill on top of his regular L. Arts and Math.
H. when he got home, had a snack and then did his math. If he gets a lower grade, he has to go back and fix it, so we had a few of those to do.
P1060231After Thursday’s writing class, H. typing his writing assignment into the computer before correcting it.
P1060233A supposedly fun reading game turned bad. It is certainly a Friday!
P1060232The tearful face, hidden beneath a sweater.
P1060234 If you can see the book title…it says it is a playful and fun way to teach reading.
P1060236 It does seem a little more fun with someone else watching him!
P1060235Book Basket reads for the day!
P1060237Snack break!
P1060240One of our little visitor’s for the day!
P1060241Taking a break with the baby….baby is sticking out his tongue at us!
P1060242  We got behind a huge semi with a part of a bridge trying to get through the round about on our way to our field trip and class.
P1060243Getting set up and listening to instructions!
P1060246 He just has fun no matter what! P1060245 Taking the quiz! P1060244Thinking hard!
P1060252 Explaining his point of view for survival in the woods.
P1060251 Sitting still for once….
P1060250 Working on writing down their answers
!P1060249 P1060248 As you can see, sitting still did not last long
!P1060247  Serious faces over here though!P1060259 Working on a topographic map activity. P1060258 It is always more fun working together! P1060257 Listening to P. explain what he would take to survive in the woods!
We decided a watermelon might not be the best choice for a food source! He also suggested a weather proof sleeping bag!
P1060256V. explaining her plan of action!
T. had some good plans and thoughts! P1060255 P1060254 Listening and objecting to the arguments!
P1060253T. actually listened and presented well!
It was a great class and field trip! They learned a lot about the science of watching the weather, the area for survival techniques and reading a map!
It was a long week, with lots of things accomplished and I am absolutely exhausted! See you next week!

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  1. Sarah :)

    Martha you are such an inspiration!! Simply amazing! Thank you for sharing all of the photos too! I loved looking through them.

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