Wedded for War
By Jocelyn Green
Reviewed By Martha Artyomenko
If you are studying the Civil War (or The War Between the States, whichever you choose to call it) you have to include these novels in your homeschool adventure.
They are more geared towards high school or adult reading, but Jocelyn Green has multiple resources to go along with these books to increase learning as well as lists of other books to reference and read in your studies.
In Wedded to War, Charlotte Waverly, a wealthy accomplished young woman is serving as a nurse in New York City. Hoops are a thing of the past as well as her jewelry. She has joined the ranks of the servants of the war, a nurse, a part of the sanitary commission in Washington City. Her family, her suitor and the city disapproves of a single woman serving in this capacity. She has one goal in mind, serving her Father in heaven and doing His Will.
There are other secondary characters, including historical ones, such as Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell.
I loved this book! It feels like you are there, amongst the people of the time period, living their journey with them. You are serving the unwashed soldiers, facing the criticism and also understanding the criticism.  This book will help your high school student to understand the history in a new way!
Ms. Green’s website is filled with resources as well, to help you, including other research books to look at and compare.
Her second novel, Widow of Gettysburg is also amazing. You will feel like you took a trip back in time to Gettysburg. It is full of many details that can be hard to read or see on a film, but in your mind, this book will make it seem like you were there.
The timeline covers 1861-1863 and is full of historical snippets on each chapter’s page, with real notes from nurses at that time.
These are books you will not want to miss!

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