When I was about 12, my mom and dad tried alot of different things to make money, and one thing we did was sell pizzas from our home and had free delivery. It was done by word of mouth and so checked out legally in our tiny community(this is not true for every community), but my mom discovered that she could buy ground meat, usually turkey was cheapest and by asking the butcher, they would sell her the sausage seasoning which is highly condensed and for about $4-6 you can get a amount that will make at leat 25 lbs of sausage.

I had one butcher just give it me or sell it really cheap, so it depends on the butcher. We used to, when I lived in MN, buy polish and italian sausage seasoning and then get ground turkey for .59 a roll! It made some really good dinners out of some really cheap meat!

We would use this for spaghetti, pizza or whatever you like Italian sausage for. The polish stuff we usually made skillet dishes with potatoes and other vegetables.

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  1. Redbud

    Another case of you never know unless you ask. And I never thought of asking for such a thing as the sausage seasoning. Very interesting.

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