1. Call- Sewing machine repair place
  2. Call-Appt. for F.
  3. Call-U-Dig for fencing permission
  4. Drop off sewing machine
  5. Go see Grandma- weigh bags
  6. Grocery shopping
  7. Clean kitchen
  8. Clean living room
  9. Vacuum
  10. Boys bedroom
  11. Laundry- one load washed and dried, put away
  12. School- Math, Phonics, reading practice, handwriting and cooking lesson
  13. Yard raked- buy rake and string
  14. String off area to be fenced

So, out of 14 things on my list I have gotten, 12 done so far! That is pretty good! The boys room is not completely done, and school is not at all done, but i figured today that the house needed some major help! <p> We have been working on Russian lessons with the boys. I borrowed a video from the library and a whole bunch of tapes so we are working on that as well as other subjects. Hopefully by this summer when we go to visit F. parents, we will all have a better knowledge of how to speak the language. That is not to say that I will actually be brave enough to speak it! Do I want to invite myself to be made fun of?
The boys however,  P. especially was  remembering all sorts of words and coming up with sentences!
<p> We have a cooking lesson I need to do today and  we were going to to go to a class to learn about how books were made, so I may do some of that here. Off to work again- or maybe it is naptime!

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