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Thirty Days Hath…..
by Chautona Havig

Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko

Adric Garrison has agreed to be part of a very odd type of matchmaking service provided by his church, sister and brother in law. If you are a fan of the show The Bachelor, this book will be right up your alley. If you are not, it still will be as it is very different from the show in many ways. 12 months. 12 women with chaperones living in his grandmother’s house. What changes will they make to his heart, the house and his life?
Mix a man with old fashioned values, family members that want you married and put yourself on stage for the whole town to see and you have Adric Garrison.

This was very different than many books I read. Ms. Havig has a conservative taste in her books, mixed with swirls of contemporary lifestyle that sometimes seems to catch you by surprise. Shelby, Christine, Allison, Jael and of course Jodi were the ones that stood out to me…I found myself rooting for one woman and disliking others…and wondering what type of woman would even agree to such a game. Is marriage that desperate of a thing that you have to play a game to get a man to love you?
This book brings up many questions in my mind, as well as I am sure the readers minds..as you read the fumbling, romantic and clumsy way Adric woos and courts the 12 different women who visit him.

This is a real romance novel, mostly a real life type story that could bring much discussion about the way love works and is it something you fall into or something you choose?

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