We have to build a new storage shed. In a way it is good, because I need some storage as we have very small closets that I store stuff in and  then I have no room for what closets are meant for. The  boys room ends up messy because they have on occasion gotten into stuff they should not have, winter boots, gloves food etc I have to store in there.  So, this is a blessing! <p> But, it is so much work to figure out as we have a tight budget to work with. We only have so much for lumber, we cannot go buy a pre-cut kit. So, I am trying to find a supply list online, yeah, it is hard to find one for the size you want, the type you want, all i want is a simple shed.  I tried to write up my own and  came back from the store with a headache, my three year starting being really naughty, like I have never seen him before. It was probably because they all had decided they did not like lunch (leftover soup) so were hungry. <p> Anyhow, we came home with no plans, no wood, nothing. I am online searching for one that I do not have to pay $20 for as I don’t really want the plan, only a supply list……I am taking pictures, so will post some soon!<p> My youngest enjoying  chocolate  red beet cake batter! <p>
My boys playing with my cousin’s baby! He was jumping and laughing, having so much fun!

Some of my canned goods this year so far! There is beets, apricot jam, and pickles.

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  1. drewsfamilytx

    This might be a silly question, but have you tried to google "free storage shed plans"? A ton of links come up with that.

    I wish you lived close– we always have extra wood lying around! Maybe someone near you has some to offer on freecycle.com or will barter or something. Just a thought.

    Let us know what you come up with!


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