It actually looked worse in real life than in the picture! After a long shower to get all that dirt out of their hair, I wonder if they are truly clean yet! The fact of the matter is, that they had tons of fun!

I am not eager for them to do it again, but since I was looking for some good play options, this one was fairly cheap (besides the water bill) and made them very happy for a hour at least!

I guess my method of summer school is a little different. We have been doing different things everyday and still some bookwork also.

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  1. knitteralaska

    Martha, Hi I have been letting my kids get dirty too. we are the “grubby Griffiths'” lol. But why not? I can hose them down? I just have to catch them before they get to the carpet. My Mom let me get dirty too and I am glad that she did .Alot of mothers now days are so concerned about their kids being clean all the time and little fashion plates! I am happy if there tee-shirts don’t have a big stain by the end of the day!- Briana

  2. drewsfamilytx

    What a great picture!

    But let me tell you, mine have gotten MUCH dirtier than that! We get LOTS of rain and even some minor flooding in our yard and street so there are tons of mudpuddles, frogs, lizards, snakes, turtles, crawdad’s and worms around here. And the kids just love to almost swim in the puddles– blech! An outdoor shower is definitely high on my honey-do list.

    It’s great that you can let loose and let the kids have fun. Just remember, he’s washable!!!


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