Alot of times around the holidays, people like to decorate a bit more for holidays. It may be for a special dinner or birthday. Whatever the occasion here are a few different centerpiece ideas.

– Butternut squash vase- You use a butternut squash and slice the thinnest slice of the bottom to make it flat. You do not want a hole in it so water leaks out, so be careful. Then on top using skinny strips of paper, make a criss-cross pattern with spaces in between. You may have to glue them down, but short enough so people cannot see them! Fill vase with water and fall colored flowers. Place on a saucer in case of leaks, You can place fall colored leaves around the edge of the squash and plate.

– Candle and Evergreen centerpiece: (WARNING: This is only for decoration- not for lighting the candle as it could be a fire hazard. I would trim the wick down too low to light)You start with a foam block about 4 in by 8 in. and 2 in high. In the direct center make a small hole (you want a taper candle to stay straight in here) Around the candle lay evergreen branches, gluing them down with either hot glue or super glue. When have your foam block completely covered with overlaying branches. Spray with fake snow if you have it, lightly!

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