Ready for surgery! Sort of……the butterflies in her stomach were going full force!

The one in the sleeper is the oldest by a few minutes Abigail Joy. (The middle name is after her sister and me as that is my middle name as well.) The one with the hat is Zoe Alexandra. She is still in the hospital, but is progressing, so yay!!
Day One with a happy mom…..she can breathe and eat again! Abby at home in her cradle…..with a blanket her grandma made for her. She is pretty much too long for Preemie clothes! Her one knee was so tight and she was straining at the snaps!
i know I put that other one up above, but I thought this was so precious! Abby had been having trouble sleeping all day unless someone was holding her  and then we took her in to see her sister and she snuggled in and  fell asleep and stayed asleep for awhile. They squished right up to each other, right away! It is hard to tell from the pictures, but they look like you are seeing double when you see them in person. They like to make faces like their big brother too!

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  1. Anonymous

    hey, so neat. elmer wants twins.
    lost track of you for a while and then found you agian.
    was good to see you in kal. that day.
    hope your well and keeping your feet firmly grounded on the lord. it blesses me to see your consistancy over the years. bless you martha. grace.

  2. Anonymous

    The twins are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures!!

  3. Lilyofthevalley4

    Sorry that was me, I didn't realize I wasn't logged in. :)

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