There are so many things that people are involved in, protesting against abortion, writing petitions against this bill or that bill, parental rights, or many other such "good" things. <p> I say "good" because to me, that is the easy way out! We take the time to protest abortion, but have you gotten close enough to some of the women in your church to know if they have considered abortion?  You sign petitions for parental rights, yet when the young mom in your church is overwhelmed with her children and timidly asks you for help babysitting….do you hesitate because you know they can be a handful? Yet, you wonder why she did not sign your petition, because she thinks she may get more help from the UN than the local church or so it seems……<p>
 I would encourage you today, instead of attacking the big issues and looking for your answers in  things that simply sound good, but put your words into actions. You can sign your petitions and protest abortions, but get down to the local pregnancy center and volunteer at the Teen MOPS group. Take time to  go to the ladies gatherings in your church, while it may not sound important, it is those relationships that build the church, not all the talk. <p> I was blessed to be a part of a bible study group that brought me closer to God than any church services. Why? Because they were honest with one another, we were committed to the bible study group, it was not something we knocked off the list every time something else came up and we took the time to really care about each other. If someone was struggling  with something, marriage problems, emotional issues, we knew, because we took the time. <p> Instead of focusing on the issues, maybe get to the root of the issue. We are so self focused, we cannot take time to care often. We say we care, and then we turn around and show with our actions we really do not. <p> The next time when someone says something about how they cannot handle more children, instead of marching into a diatribe about how birth control is wrong and all your beliefs (which I have nothing against, by the way), but stop instead and look below the surface why they may be in the place they are and how you can help  to make things better, instead of using words. <p> So to end this…..we can remember that song on "My Fair Lady"
"Show Me" <p>
"Never Do I Ever Want To Hear Another Word.
There Isn’t One
I Haven’t Heard.
Here We Are Together In What Ought To Be A Dream;
Say One More Word And
I’ll Scream!!

Show Me!!"

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  1. carit

    I am just getting back into blogging and came across your blog this morning. This post really touched me and caused me to think. How often to I say I care and yet my actions don't show it? Jesus did not preach to the people then ignore their needs. He taught them, more often than not in intimate gatherings, and ministered to their needs. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Anonymous

    Ack…now I have that song in my head! Shoowww Mee!
    Yep..I've felt the same way..thanks for the reminder!

  3. drewsfamilytx

    Amen! I couldn't agree with you more!

    And to add to it, I think we should truly pray for someone when we say that we will. It is all too easy to just toss those words and promises around without following through with ACTION.

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