I am really tired of stuff!  I guess I was thinking about it and the clutter is starting to really bother me so I am thinking of things I can get rid of so the house will be easier for me to keep clean.  I do use a lot of the stuff, but sometimes it is just not worth it.  I have a lot of books, I read a lot of books, but I also have books I will never read to sell, that have not sold in length of time, so I got some of them together to get rid of on Freecycle. I   advertised a few books and CD’s on a couple of places and I think I sold a few. I hope so anyhow!  I was surprised to look at a couple of books that I was thinking about getting rid of were worth more than a few dollars, so I may try to sell those, I am not sure.  I think I will be going through clothes next, but I should go through my fabric also. I sold some of my fabric as it was beautiful, but I had no time to sew it and if I used it all, I would have too many clothes. <p>  I am going to really, really cut down on stuff. I also think once we get the shed painted, we are emptying it and going through everything in there and organizing it so we can actually use it better. I am thinking if the painting works so we do not have to buy a shed, then I am going to buy one of those tight seal Rubbermaid things that I can put into the shed for winter clothing storage, boots etc. I am so tired of trying to store it all inside. <p> I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately, it is really weird, I wake up and am dead tired and cannot sleep. Then when it is time to get up, I can’t sleep more, but cannot get up!  It is pretty horrible. <p> Oh, I am getting rid of some yarn too! I like crocheting, but I have really not done much of it in a long time. The boys cut up a bunch of the yarn I had, or tangled it and some lady on freecycle wants to learn how to crochet so wants scraps and stuff. I figure it is cheap enough; I can replace it if I am really going to do a project.  Plus, it is will empty out a desk drawer so I can organize school supplies better. <P>  I found some really interesting books I own, I did not know I did in going through my bookshelves! I also found there are some I wish I had for the boys.  I would like to get more Rod and Staff and Pathway books. Pathway books are cheap, so I can do those eventually, but R&S is expensive sometimes. They add up anyhow! <p>

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  1. drewsfamilytx

    I'm with you, girl! I have TOO MUCH stuff. It almost makes me ill. The thing is, my house is clean and picked up and organized, but there is all this stuff in the attic and all the bins under the beds and in the closet. There is no excuse to have to manage that much stuff. *sigh*

    I hope to clean it out before our move.

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