Well, I have been too busy, way too busy, and it took me going in for my dreaded yearly exam to find the time to sit and read this. You always have to wait, so I took it and enjoyed every article slowly while waiting. It helped me through wondering why they have such a ugly angel figure to stare at on the ceiling and couldn’t they change the magazines in the rooms once in awhile among other thoughts! <p>
This issue was really, really good!  <p> I think it was because there were so many topics  anyone could relate to, whether they homeschool or not. <p> The main subject was about the tongue, but did not deal only with the tongue.  <p> The article that I really, really appreciated was Soccer Lessons by Val Smith, about the mom who  looked down on a soccer coach simply because of how she was dressed and how thin she was.  She spoke about how issues like modesty are important, but where is our heart at? Do we truly  have  the right spirit?  I think this issue  is such a vital one as i see so often people who have all different ways of dressing.  I though get alot of judgment from the other side of people who judge me for the way i dress.  Usually no one says it to my face, but  I hear it through the grapevine. It really hurts!  I think it is important to look beyond clothes and see the heart of the person before you judge! <p> Then there was Shelley Noonan’s article, which made me wish I had daughters  and wonder when someone will tell me what to do with boys!  It  was great though!<p>  I really enjoyed reading about the Merchant Mama’s articles on different small business owners  and how they started.  Gehman Fabric’s was one of the featured businesses. I have heard wonderful things about their fabric! <p> This  issue was just chock full of wonderful articles, recipes, and useful advice! If you do not already subscribe to TEACH
you should seriously think about it.  The encouragement  you will receive will be worth it!

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  1. buffalorock

    I used to really enjoy your comments over at Covenant homeschool, and have missed reading your uplifting, thoughtful comments. Good to "see" you again.

    I would love to get TEACH. I'm really enjoying her e-zines.

    Shelly Noonan was the speaker at our HS convention this year. Good Stuff. She's very sweet! And she does have a couple of book that specifically address raising boys. We have them both and my dh really appreciates the insights. They are Boyhood and Beyond, and Created for Work.

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