Yesterday there was a prediction for more snow so my sister and I decided to shovel off the roof. F. had to do something else and my sister’s husband was sick. so we put on our snow pants, borrowed a ladder from the neighbors and went at it. We decided just to do the garage and hope the house is okay,  as that was scary enough and boy ‘o boy, am I sore today!  My shoulder mostly, just one side……I know, weird! i did not take any pictures of us up there, although thought I should have later, but it was a bit scary, I hate ladders, and the  chance of sliding off was very real  the whole time! <p>It was a fun adventure though and gave us the chance to see our neighbors dog come outside with a  big litter of the cutest puppies!  They are dark Golden retrievers and so, so cute! I wish they stayed like that!  She had nine of them so that made them even more cute to see so many!
<p> We did not get all the snow they said this time, but it may get warm and then cold which makes the snow there heavier, so I am glad we did it!
I took a hot bath with wintergreen oil in it  to loosen up the muscles and may go see my friend the chiropractor, again this week! I am now in cozy pajamas and ready to curl up with a good book! <p> I have been sort of lazy so have not gotten my pictures downloaded, so be patient! You can see all our snow someday!

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