I  know some moms just do not do snacks, but I have found otherwise I am frustrated with the "I am hungry"s if I do not plan on at least one snack in the day. <p> It can be hard, I think it is easier to plan frugal, healthy meals than snacks sometimes. But it does not always have to be that way! <p>
Frugal snacks that we enjoy:<p>
Popcorn- we have a stove top Whirley-Popper .
It is easy to make popcorn fast and you can also flavor it if you desire all different ways. We made some that were Cappuccino flavored, Italian, Caramel, and many others. The options are pretty much limitless!
<p> Quick breads:
There are so many different kinds! I posted the pumpkin bread I make alot. Today I made a Banana chip bread that had oatmeal in it. It was  a really good snack! I have also made cranberry bread, zucchini bread, and others. Muffins are great! We used to make these ones with  a small amount of jam in the middle! You made them with some whole wheat flour or oats and they had a wonderful taste! <p>
Vegetables and Dip- This can not always be cheap, but when you get cucumbers or large carrots cheaply and cut them up yourself and make your own dip, it is not bad!  I like to mix  1 c. sour cream, 1 c. mayonaise and spices like onion powder, garlic, salt and parsley to make a wonderful dip. It is not so healthy for you, but  for children who sometimes ignore vegetables otherwise it works! I got alot of peppers recently and that is a great way for them to eat them! <p>
Pretzels- I can get a huge bag for like $3 that lasts forever! My boys would dip them in peanut butter for a protein filled snack!
Homemade oatmeal whole wheat cookies! My mom would add all kinds of stuff into her cookies and they would be fairly healthy for a cookie and a good snack. <p>
Homemade whole wheat bread-  spread with homemade jam  or just plain with a cup of tea<p>
Apples- this is not always cheap, right now for me it is though!

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  1. gmisch

    I always love your frugal tips and ideas! How are you doing?

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