Songbird under the German moon
By Tricia Goyer

Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko<p>

Rebuilding after the war….like you never saw it before. This shows a time in history I have not read about many times. After the war ended, there were many soldiers in Germany dealing with all the rebuilding of the government, the displaced people from all over. There were still danger lurking in people who were disheartened over losing the war as well as people who were simply misguided and out of their heads with grief. <p>
This story shows the life of the young women who worked to cheer up the soldiers who fought so hard for their country and some of the dangers even they faced. Betty is a singer with a songbird voice…she works to entertain and keep them smiling in the darkest times. But danger lurks around every corner  in the shadows and in the woods, it seems a little creepy sleeping in one of the same places Hitler possibly slept. When tragedy strikes, Betty tries to make sense of it all…plus could she maybe find her true love among the soldiers?
<p> I really liked this book! It was history with a hint of mystery. Tricia loves the historical facts and you cannot read any of her books without learning something.<p>
You can go to Tricia’s blog
to read about some of the other amazing books she has written and published. This book is available for purchase from your local booksellers as well as Amazon as well as others!!! Check it out!!

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